If you are one of those developers who uses Java to build applications then you must have heard about Spring Boot framework. And you must be curious as well that why most of the developers are using Spring Boot framework nowadays. Here in this blog you’ll get to know about the reasons why Java Developers are loving Spring Boot so much. However, before we dig into the reasons for Spring Boot's popularity, let’s understand what exactly is Spring Boot ? 

Spring Boot is a very popular Java-based framework for building web and enterprise applications because it simplifies everything from development, to testing, and deployment. This framework is not similar to other frameworks, which focus on only one area, instead this framework provides a wide variety of features for modern business via its portfolio projects.

It is an open source, microservice-based Java web framework and it provides a platform to Java developers to get started with an auto configurable production-grade Spring application. By using it, developers can get started quickly without losing time on preparation and configuration. Known for its speed, simplicity, and productivity, Spring Boot is the most popular Java framework and makes Java programming much easier, faster, and safer.

In addition to these advantages, Spring Boot framework offers the following as well

Dependency Management

Spring Boot's starter packages provide all the required third-party dependencies for each type of Spring-based application and facilitate dependency management. It simplifies the process of creating new applications by bringing together all common dependencies into one place, so developers can start working right away instead of reinventing the wheel each time.

Automatic Сonfiguration

Automatic Configuration feature is the most amazing feature of Spring Boot. Based on the jar dependencies you have added, Spring Boot will try to automatically configure your Spring application after you choose a starter package.

Native Support for Application Server

An embedded web server is included in every Spring Boot application. It is no longer necessary for developers to set up a servlet container and deploy their application to it. As an executable jar file, the application can now run itself. The default dependencies can be excluded if needed. Different HTTP servers are supported by separate starter packages in Spring Boot.

All these are the reasons which makes Spring Boot so popular among developers. 

To conclude we can say that Spring Boot mainly aims to reduce code length and make it easier to develop web applications and hence all  these qualities make Spring Boot so popular among developers and the reason why developers are loving it so much.

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